Gas springs

Leading gas spring manufacturer since 1982

ALONTEC has formed part of the gas spring market since 1982. Our company, located in Zaragoza, is the oldest manufacturer of gas springs in Spain.

ALONTEC offers a line of flexible manufacturing, with the aim of producing small unit as well as offering an automated line to meet important demands.

ALONTEC focuses in manufacturing gas springs for a variety of uses, from the furniture industry to machine and automobile production.

main priority is customer satisfaction, developing products with high quality assurance, of wide variety, price and delivery speed, all with the highest of respect to the environment and to job security.



Ecology and environment form part of ALONTEC’s concept of quality. One of the company’s principles is to develop environment friendly products as well as minimise and eliminate waste in an environmentally friendly way.



ALONTEC works with the most advanced processes as well as its own technology, submitting all its raw materials and finished products to rigorous quality controls, guaranteeing maximum efficiency from its gas springs.