Alontec launches new web page

Complete renovation

We recently announced on our social media we were premiering an Alontec website.
As a company in the metal sector specialized in gas springs, we are aware of the importance of having a website that meets the necessary requirements so that our customers are, at all times, not only able to contact us but have access to all the necessary information about us and our products.


Among these changes we can draw attention to some developments we have included in order to make the new website a place where users can find answers to their questions about gas springs:

  1. Landing Page: This is a term widely used in the world of digital marketing and refers to the “welcome page”, which is the first thing a user sees upon opening the site. We took special care in preparing our home page as we know first impressions count, and we want clients to instantly know what we are all about: manufacturing gas springs.
  2. Updated website: We know a website should be an evolving, living entity where clients can find all the latest news on SMEs. In our case, will continue posting to our Blog, providing support to our clients, clarifying doubts by email and reporting company developments.
  3. Social plug-ins: Sharing quality content on the Internet is one of the most common social network activities, which is why we have included social plug-ins in each of our posts.
  4. Usability: Finding desired information, that internal searches lead to desired locations, images commensurate with the context or the convenience of accessing different sections are important in the design of a website. The goal is always for clients and users to find what they want and in the most efficient way.

This is just some of the progress that can be seen in terms of the development of the website. In time, we will be analysing the new sections and the advantages of each one.

At Alontec we are satisfied with the result of our new website, but we would like to know your opinion. Go on, do your worst!